To do lists

Do you use to do lists? Make a list; maybe numbering things or with detailed description, where you write or type all that you need to accomplish? Some folks give them fancy names like goals, but they’re all things we need to get gone. I do. I write a to do list. Or at least […]


I think most of us are pretty good at sitting down and writing what we think or feel, but get nervous or scared when we have to speak those words in front of a group of people. Public speaking is challenging. I never, EVER, thought I could do it. But then I started teaching, and […]

Following my own advice

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the new direction his life had suddenly moved in. After 8 years of pouring his soul into his workplace, he had just become unemployed, and understandably reviewing all of his options. He also owned a small marketing business, that due to the workload […]

Publishing Platform on Linked In

Do you use Linked In? Like most people I have a Linked In account, but honestly I’m not on the site every day. I participate in group discussions, but that’s mostly it. According to Tech Crunch, many users are only there to update their resume or to job search, but Linked In is looking to […]

How do I hire you to write a post for my blog or website?

It’s a new year, you want to spice up your website or blog with some new and fresh content and you don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in. Writing about yourself, your product, your service or your organization can be really difficult. You know all about you … but how do your […]

What’s in a name

I love words. Truly I do. So when coming up with a name for what I offer I was torn between using something neat, cool and trendy that sounded interesting, but didn’t describe what I did and being practical. Practical won out. I could have gone with Gail’s virtual assistant service providing various services on […]