Samples of my work

No one likes to hire a writer without seeing their work. I know I wouldn’t. So here are some projects I’ve worked on and things I’ve written.

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Cookies cocoa and cheer flyer Seed bank program flyer
UNH Paranormal club 10-29.13 Coastal CPR UNH Fall 2013 Renewal class Flyer
CPR by Donation 2013

Published articles
Applaud for Women Magazine
When to keep your child home from school Fall 2013
How do I pick the right summer program for my child? Summer 2013
Talking about tragedy Spring 2013
Creating holiday magic Winter 2012-2103
Vacationing with your kids Summer 2012
Landscaping and gardening with your kidsSpring 2012
Trust your instincts Winter 2012
Taking care of yourself so you can take care of others Fall 2011

Blog Posts
I maintain 2 blogs of my own; CPR Mom where I write about teaching and some of the wackiness of my life and the Coastal CPR & First Aid blog which tends to be a bit more serious.

I also have a guest post on Multiples and More on Halloween safety tips.

Most of my guest blogging is ghost blogging. And well, ummm, since I’m a ghost I really can’t put up all the links because, well, … you know. I’m not a ghost if I publish that they’re my posts. Suffice it to say if you want a sample of some of my ghost posts I can email snippets.



Ad book brochure - outside draft Ad book brochure - inside draft


Aquatics Newsletter 1.7 July 2011 page 1 Aquatics Newsletter 1.7 July 2011 page 2-3 Aquatics Newsletter 1.7 July 2011 page 4

Rack cards

Coastal CPR & First Aid Rack Cards 2013 front - full size Coastal CPR & First Aid Rack Cards 2013 back - full size