Digital marketing

This is something that I should know tons about, and really don’t. Being totally honest here. Because honesty is super important.

So I subscribe to several sites that post really great info that I find helpful. Yesterday I was reading a post on digital marketing. Several of these tips don’t quite fit my business model for my primary business, but they might fit yours.

Here are the tips: ABCs of Digital Marketing: 26 Expert Tips to Reach More Customers Online.

At Some This & That I’m focused more on the content of what you’re trying to say, not how to market it. I should know more about this, and it’s something I’m working on right now. One of the great tips here is content. Good content. This is something I can help with. We’ve all been to a website that left us wondering what exactly it is that they do. Or the page is full of typos that have us questioning the ability of the business to help us if they can’t even proofread their own site. Or maybe it’s just a not-to-clear website design or layout that has us searching harder than we should for some basic information.

We’ve all seen these sites. The ones we question their ability to be professional or capable. And we all do NOT want to be that site.

While I do provide website review and critique, this is something you can do on your own…. sort of. Ask a friend. A good friend who is not working with you on your business. Ask them to read your website. Do they understand what you do? Can they find out how to contact you for more information? Do they have an idea of how much your services cost? If they can’t figure out at least 2 of these, then you need to review your website and make it clear for your potential clients.

We are each so involved in what we do that often you can’t see that others don’t understand our lingo, layout, and what it is that makes us unique in what we can offer. Having someone not involved in your business review your site helps give you new perspective on how to present yourself better.

And that is part of good content marketing.

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