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Proofreading is a pretty important step before sending out a mailer or promoting your organization.
When I was working at the University years ago, Computer Services sent out a mailing to all University staff to promote the new single sign-on system that they were instituting. I’m sure they ran their postcard mailer text through spell-check, but it had a pretty obvious typo on it. One that wasn’t picked up by spell-check. Spell check wouldn’t catch it because the word was spelled correctly. The typo was using the wrong word. Their postcard promoted Single Sing-on instead of Single Sign-on. This mailer was sent out to thousands of employees.

Part of me wonders how many other staffers noticed the typo. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. This really happened, and it’s a story I share sometimes when explaining my proofreading services.

When you are writing your own work it’s your thing. You are so knowledgeable about what you do that often it’s easy to miss typos or use the wrong word. You might use too much jargon that the reader of your amazing work might not understand. Having someone else proofread your work to catch those mistakes is helpful step in getting your message out clearly. Your proofreader can be a colleague or spouse, it doesn’t have to be someone you hire to review your work. It’s a second set of eyes to look at your writing as an objective viewer.

I provide proofreading services for written and online content. While I specialize in helping write “About Me” pages, I can proofread pretty much anything. I look at spelling, word choice, word/page flow, and overall readability. All the things that can make an okay document a better document, and help you present your best written image.

If you need a proofreader, a second or third set of eyes, to review your written contact feel free to contact me.

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