Can you remove a tick with essential oils?

I saw some interesting videos on Facebook using peppermint essential oil to remove a tick. It looked pretty easy and simple to do. Unfortunately it is not a safe way to remove a tick.

I really like using my essential oils to treat a lot of things. But I’m not going to use them to remove a tick. Using oils can actually expose you to more tick-borne illnesses.

When using essential oils; or vaseline, or a hot match head, the tick will release. But in the process of doing so it will regurgitate. Yup, that’s right – it will throw up into your skin. That is how you can increase your exposure to a tick-borne illness.

The best way to remove a tick is with tweezers or a tick spoon.

Save your essential oils to use proactively to prevent tick bites or after you remove the tick.

I am hosting a workshop on Friday May 26th. We will be making insect repellent, anti-itch spray, and after-sun spray, all with essential oils. Comment to RSVP.

Essential Oils

I’ve been using essential oils for a while now, and I’m really enjoying them. A friend has been encouraging me to share what I’ve learned and some of the benefits, so I’ll be doing that on this site. I really don’t want to add yet another website to all the other things I’m doing.

I use and sell doTerra oils. You can find my doTerra page here:

Every month or so (or few…) I’ll be holding a workshop at Nya Studio. I’ll post here the things that we make and how you can make them at home yourself.

This month we’re making insect repellent, anti-itch spray, and after-sun spray. Directions and pics will be posted in a few days.

Digital marketing

This is something that I should know tons about, and really don’t. Being totally honest here. Because honesty is super important.

So I subscribe to several sites that post really great info that I find helpful. Yesterday I was reading a post on digital marketing. Several of these tips don’t quite fit my business model for my primary business, but they might fit yours.

Here are the tips: ABCs of Digital Marketing: 26 Expert Tips to Reach More Customers Online.

At Some This & That I’m focused more on the content of what you’re trying to say, not how to market it. I should know more about this, and it’s something I’m working on right now. One of the great tips here is content. Good content. This is something I can help with. We’ve all been to a website that left us wondering what exactly it is that they do. Or the page is full of typos that have us questioning the ability of the business to help us if they can’t even proofread their own site. Or maybe it’s just a not-to-clear website design or layout that has us searching harder than we should for some basic information.

We’ve all seen these sites. The ones we question their ability to be professional or capable. And we all do NOT want to be that site.

While I do provide website review and critique, this is something you can do on your own…. sort of. Ask a friend. A good friend who is not working with you on your business. Ask them to read your website. Do they understand what you do? Can they find out how to contact you for more information? Do they have an idea of how much your services cost? If they can’t figure out at least 2 of these, then you need to review your website and make it clear for your potential clients.

We are each so involved in what we do that often you can’t see that others don’t understand our lingo, layout, and what it is that makes us unique in what we can offer. Having someone not involved in your business review your site helps give you new perspective on how to present yourself better.

And that is part of good content marketing.

Thinking in the shower

Like a lot of people, I do a lot of thinking in the shower. I mentally map out my day, think about what I need to do, and I often think about blog topics.

Of course by the time I’m done, dressed, and moving on to my day I’ve forgotten or don’t have time for half the things I thought about in the shower.

I see a blog on a creative site from 2 perspectives. Either it has a lot of posts because they have time and energy to post, or there is almost nothing there because they’re busy and don’t have time. At the moment I’m a more of the latter with a sprinkle of blog neglect forgetfulness thrown in.

I was working at a conference a few years ago when the topic of taking notes in the shower came up. I’m not making that up, it was an interesting discussion. What made it more interesting is that there are waterproof marker boards and notepads specifically made for taking notes in the shower. Feel free to search ‘waterproof notepad’ on Amazon when you have a chance.

So why am I writing and thinking in the shower and waterproof notepads? Because that’s what I was thinking about in the shower this morning. That and scheduling more time for my own blog while doing all the other work that has been keeping me pretty busy lately.

Waterproof notepad from Amazon.

Waterproof notepad from Amazon.

To do lists

Do you use to do lists? Make a list; maybe numbering things or with detailed description, where you write or type all that you need to accomplish? Some folks give them fancy names like goals, but they’re all things we need to get gone.

I do. I write a to do list. Or at least I sort of do.

I find lists help me to stay on target. Sometimes I get so caught up in a project I lose track of time or what other things I need to accomplish that day or week. To do lists help me stay on track.

But I also find them overwhelming.

Like most people, I end up with many more things on my list than I can accomplish in one day. Or I realize I can’t work on one project until part of another is completed first as they build on each other … but I don’t have time to finish the other before my next appointment, class or picking up/dropping off my children.

I’ve seen several different methods for list, goal or strategy making that are designed to keep us on track. They all look good. I have one that came with directions… which I have yet to read and will. I put that on my list.

So today I decided to try something new I came up with. A word cloud of things to do. I did a minor brain dump (5 minutes) and wrote down everything I knew I should be working on over the next several days. I wrote it on the top of my wall of dry erase boards while standing on a chair so I can’t easily erase things when they are lower on my priority list; as these projects or ideas are valuable and I should implement them at some point. It’s similar to the chore lists I write for myself and my kids each day. I can erase things as I do them which is very satisfying and I don’t have to do them in the order that I wrote them.

I’m going to try this for a week and see how it works.


I think most of us are pretty good at sitting down and writing what we think or feel, but get nervous or scared when we have to speak those words in front of a group of people.

Public speaking is challenging. I never, EVER, thought I could do it. But then I started teaching, and found I love it!

But …. I can do it in a classroom or educational setting. Talking about myself in front of an audience?… well that doesn’t go so well.

I spent a 20 minute drive trying to come up with my ‘elevator pitch’ for a networking luncheon. I was looking for a good way to tie in both of my businesses … Coastal CPR & First Aid and Some This & That. My opening statement for Coastal CPR & First Aid is “Hi, I’m Gail Klanchesser, and I teach people how to save lives.” I then go on to describe what I do.

But how do I tie lifesaving and writing together? What are good life-saving words to use?

“I help individuals and businesses save their written image” was the best I could come up with. Which of course, I did NOT remember to say at the networking luncheon. {sigh}

But ultimately that is in part what I am doing. Words are so super cool and descriptive. They can make us look amazing or embarrass the crap out of us. And yes, I wrote crap, 🙂 it’s an honest descriptive word. Often we don’t think about how written words describe us, compliment us, or don’t place us in the best light. You moan over the criticisms, but don’t realize that plain, uninspired, or boring words can hurt your written image and what your clients think of you. You just have those 30 seconds, or 2 minutes, or 2 sentences to tell the world why you are so awesome… and you do it with words.

Who helps you make sure your written image reflects how awesome you or your business is?

Sometimes you need a writer, or a proofreader, or an editor, or just a second set of eyes to read what we’ve written and give feedback, advise, provide rewording suggestions or a rewrite to improve your written image. That’s what I do. AND – surprise – I’m not the only person out there that does this. I’d love an email, but you could also ask a friend, hire a professional, call a colleague… your written image will thank you.

Following my own advice

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the new direction his life had suddenly moved in. After 8 years of pouring his soul into his workplace, he had just become unemployed, and understandably reviewing all of his options. He also owned a small marketing business, that due to the workload of his regular job, he had let languish on the side.

We were also discussing some awesome opportunities that could be coming across my path. He subtly put on his marketing hat and was giving me some rather awesome advice for me to move things in a bigger direction with my other business.

But then I thought … why isn’t he doing that for himself?

We can all be so confident when helping others. Most of us enjoy supporting and helping our friends, colleagues and clients grow and prosper. And for the most part, we’re all terrible at following our own advice when it come to ourselves.

So I threw his words back at him … when are you going to take that first step towards the goals we had discussed?

January is a month that most of take for goal setting, resolutions, business planning … whichever term you want to use. And like the folks who buy a gym membership in early January, we’re floundering and not following through by February. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blog posts written this month on how to make and follow through on your goals, but there is one thing that has always worked for me.


I’ve had accountability partners and deadlines, and frankly both of those keep me on track because I’ve made myself responsible to answer to someone other than myself. So if you’re struggling to meet your goals or resolutions set a deadline with someone else, or find an accountability partner. Because while we don’t realize we’re letting ourselves down by not following our own advice, we don’t like to let someone else down.

Publishing Platform on Linked In

Do you use Linked In? Like most people I have a Linked In account, but honestly I’m not on the site every day. I participate in group discussions, but that’s mostly it.

According to Tech Crunch, many users are only there to update their resume or to job search, but Linked In is looking to engage it’s participants on a more regular basis through it’s publishing platform. You can read the full article on Tech Crunch here.

Would you use the Linked In publishing platform?

How do I hire you to write a post for my blog or website?

It’s a new year, you want to spice up your website or blog with some new and fresh content and you don’t know where to start.

That’s where I come in.

Writing about yourself, your product, your service or your organization can be really difficult. You know all about you … but how do your create web content to make it exciting and interesting to others? Sometimes knowing everything about you, your services, your products makes it harder to write about them. And that’s where having someone who for all purposes is clueless about you helps.

Which I know makes no sense at all.

Having someone else write it for you allows a fresh perspective on you or your topic. If you sell widgets (because widgets is such a fun sounding word and product!) you could write something really technical about widgets or miss some of the small details that would confuse the non-widget expert reading your site. Your business is you, your service or your awesome widgets … it’s not writing about your widgets.

Hiring someone to write or edit your content allows you to focus on the business of you, widgets and your widget-related services.

What do I need to know to write for you?

  • I need to read your website or company bio to understand what you do
  • I need to have a conversation (voice, email or skype) to determine what you do and how to write in a style to represents you.

What do you need to know before hiring me?

  • I need a firm statement of what you specifically want me to do. A blog post is a blog post, not an article or web content. The format, lengths and audience are different. Can I turn a blog post into something different? Absolutely, but we need to set expectations up front of what the job will entail.

If you’d like to explore what I can do for your blog, website, newsletter or other written content just reach out to me via email at gklanchesser @ or use my contact form.

What’s in a name

I love words. Truly I do.

So when coming up with a name for what I offer I was torn between using something neat, cool and trendy that sounded interesting, but didn’t describe what I did and being practical.

Practical won out.

I could have gone with Gail’s virtual assistant service providing various services on a short term basis but that seemed rather long.  Basically what I provide is a little of this and a little of that.  But that was kinda long as well, and the web domain was already taken. 🙂

So I came up with Some This & That.  Which seems pretty accurate and practical, but still allows my quirkiness to come through.

I had to write a description of what I do for a business conference I attended, and this excerpt sums it up pretty well:

I’m a ghost blogger, writer, event organizer, social media manager, and web content manager.  I dabble in web and graphic design.  I’m both a contract employee (teaching at my local hospital) and volunteer.  I’m an idea implementer, but not always an idea originator.  Give me a concept or suggestion and I can usually write or create your vision.  I also fit a ‘normal’ part-time job as a librarian in the mix.  … after the last conference I took some awesome ideas and funneled them into a second business to organize all my freelance & volunteer chaos… and Some This and That was created.  This is where I organize all my creative freelance and volunteer work.  …  I love doing short-term or occasional freelance work and don’t necessarily want to have long term clients.   

So in a nutshell, I do occasional projects, large and small.  I can do some on-going projects.  I do some of this and some of that.  I have some steady on-going clients and I’m happy to do work for one or two more, or continue to provide as-needed content and project assistance on an occasional basis.  It’s a fun mix of of some of this and some of that.

A name that defines what it is I do and provide.