Writing Services

Do you need an article, blog post or newsletter? Perhaps a personal letter, business letter or other type of formal correspondence.

These are all services I provide.

Types of written content I can provide for you:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Technical writing
  • Manuals/how-to guides
  • Business letters
  • Webpage content
  • Press releases
  • Essays
  • promotional or ‘about me’ pages or descriptions

I also write newsletters, design postcards & mailers, and make flyers & announcements.

I can write resumes and cover letters, but have a friend who has a bit more experience than I and I’m happy to refer her if you need resume or cover letter assistance.

I’m also a ghost.

Not really a ghost, but I provide all of the above as a ghost writer as well. If you’re not familiar with ghost writers, we basically do the writing and you or your business get the credit. I was referred to as an “Educational Expert” on one of my previous client’s blogs.

So how much does written content cost? It depends upon what is needed. The scope of the piece, how detailed, how long and how technical. If I have to do a lot of research it would cost a bit more than a simple piece. I charge by the piece and not by the hour. My areas of expertise are business, medical, health and technical writing. I also write about parenting and safety. However I’m comfortable writing on pretty much any topic.

I have been a regular contributor to Applaud for Women magazine and have guest blogged for parenting and safety blogs.