Where’s your number?

This phone is not ringing because your customer does not have your number.

I went to call an organization today and had to navigate through several pages on their website to find their phone number. It’s a good thing they weren’t a business selling something because I honestly would have given up before navigating that far.

But it reminded me of an article I read this morning, one of Manta’s tips of the day: 5 Essential Do’s & Don’ts for Your Small Business Website.

How does your website stack up? Can your customers find you? Can they call or email you? Do you have clear text or links for them to contact you?

Sometimes we’re so focused on the content and look of our page you can overlook the obvious… how the site viewer is going to contact you.

I spent sometime a few days ago completely overhauling this website. It was long overdue. But I just reviewed my own site to discover my homepage only has the link to my contacts page. My contacts page has a contact form, my email, and my phone number. But I had forgotten to place my own contact information on my home page. Easily overlooked, and now updated.

Take a look at your own site. Can you easily spot how your customers are going to contact you?

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