Out of office autoresponders

I work part-time at a day camp in the summer. It supplements my income as I don’t have a lot of students for my instructional business in the summer. I get paid to spend all day outdoors! But it means I’m not as responsive to emails or phone calls when someone is trying to reach […]

Where’s your number?

I went to call an organization today and had to navigate through several pages on their website to find their phone number. It’s a good thing they weren’t a business selling something because I honestly would have given up before navigating that far. But it reminded me of an article I read this morning, one […]

Make your own insect repellent

We had a great workshop on essential oils last month. We had a cozy group, and everyone was so interested in the oils that we were discussing. Our focus of the evening was on making 3 different essential oil blends; an insect repellent, an anti-itch spray, and an after sun spray. I’ve been writing about […]