I think most of us are pretty good at sitting down and writing what we think or feel, but get nervous or scared when we have to speak those words in front of a group of people.

Public speaking is challenging. I never, EVER, thought I could do it. But then I started teaching, and found I love it!

But …. I can do it in a classroom or educational setting. Talking about myself in front of an audience?… well that doesn’t go so well.

I spent a 20 minute drive trying to come up with my ‘elevator pitch’ for a networking luncheon. I was looking for a good way to tie in both of my businesses … Coastal CPR & First Aid and Some This & That. My opening statement for Coastal CPR & First Aid is “Hi, I’m Gail Klanchesser, and I teach people how to save lives.” I then go on to describe what I do.

But how do I tie lifesaving and writing together? What are good life-saving words to use?

“I help individuals and businesses save their written image” was the best I could come up with. Which of course, I did NOT remember to say at the networking luncheon. {sigh}

But ultimately that is in part what I am doing. Words are so super cool and descriptive. They can make us look amazing or embarrass the crap out of us. And yes, I wrote crap, 🙂 it’s an honest descriptive word. Often we don’t think about how written words describe us, compliment us, or don’t place us in the best light. You moan over the criticisms, but don’t realize that plain, uninspired, or boring words can hurt your written image and what your clients think of you. You just have those 30 seconds, or 2 minutes, or 2 sentences to tell the world why you are so awesome… and you do it with words.

Who helps you make sure your written image reflects how awesome you or your business is?

Sometimes you need a writer, or a proofreader, or an editor, or just a second set of eyes to read what we’ve written and give feedback, advise, provide rewording suggestions or a rewrite to improve your written image. That’s what I do. AND – surprise – I’m not the only person out there that does this. I’d love an email, but you could also ask a friend, hire a professional, call a colleague… your written image will thank you.

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