How do I hire you to write a post for my blog or website?

It’s a new year, you want to spice up your website or blog with some new and fresh content and you don’t know where to start.

That’s where I come in.

Writing about yourself, your product, your service or your organization can be really difficult. You know all about you … but how do your create web content to make it exciting and interesting to others? Sometimes knowing everything about you, your services, your products makes it harder to write about them. And that’s where having someone who for all purposes is clueless about you helps.

Which I know makes no sense at all.

Having someone else write it for you allows a fresh perspective on you or your topic. If you sell widgets (because widgets is such a fun sounding word and product!) you could write something really technical about widgets or miss some of the small details that would confuse the non-widget expert reading your site. Your business is you, your service or your awesome widgets … it’s not writing about your widgets.

Hiring someone to write or edit your content allows you to focus on the business of you, widgets and your widget-related services.

What do I need to know to write for you?

  • I need to read your website or company bio to understand what you do
  • I need to have a conversation (voice, email or skype) to determine what you do and how to write in a style to represents you.

What do you need to know before hiring me?

  • I need a firm statement of what you specifically want me to do. A blog post is a blog post, not an article or web content. The format, lengths and audience are different. Can I turn a blog post into something different? Absolutely, but we need to set expectations up front of what the job will entail.

If you’d like to explore what I can do for your blog, website, newsletter or other written content just reach out to me via email at gklanchesser @ or use my contact form.

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