What’s in a name

I love words. Truly I do.

So when coming up with a name for what I offer I was torn between using something neat, cool and trendy that sounded interesting, but didn’t describe what I did and being practical.

Practical won out.

I could have gone with Gail’s virtual assistant service providing various services on a short term basis but that seemed rather long.  Basically what I provide is a little of this and a little of that.  But that was kinda long as well, and the web domain was already taken. 🙂

So I came up with Some This & That.  Which seems pretty accurate and practical, but still allows my quirkiness to come through.

I had to write a description of what I do for a business conference I attended, and this excerpt sums it up pretty well:

I’m a ghost blogger, writer, event organizer, social media manager, and web content manager.  I dabble in web and graphic design.  I’m both a contract employee (teaching at my local hospital) and volunteer.  I’m an idea implementer, but not always an idea originator.  Give me a concept or suggestion and I can usually write or create your vision.  I also fit a ‘normal’ part-time job as a librarian in the mix.  … after the last conference I took some awesome ideas and funneled them into a second business to organize all my freelance & volunteer chaos… and Some This and That was created.  This is where I organize all my creative freelance and volunteer work.  …  I love doing short-term or occasional freelance work and don’t necessarily want to have long term clients.   

So in a nutshell, I do occasional projects, large and small.  I can do some on-going projects.  I do some of this and some of that.  I have some steady on-going clients and I’m happy to do work for one or two more, or continue to provide as-needed content and project assistance on an occasional basis.  It’s a fun mix of of some of this and some of that.

A name that defines what it is I do and provide.

>>How do I hire you to write a post for my blog or website?

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