Thinking in the shower

Like a lot of people, I do a lot of thinking in the shower. I mentally map out my day, think about what I need to do, and I often think about blog topics. Of course by the time I’m done, dressed, and moving on to my day I’ve forgotten or don’t have time for […]

To do lists

Do you use to do lists? Make a list; maybe numbering things or with detailed description, where you write or type all that you need to accomplish? Some folks give them fancy names like goals, but they’re all things we need to get gone. I do. I write a to do list. Or at least […]

Following my own advice

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the new direction his life had suddenly moved in. After 8 years of pouring his soul into his workplace, he had just become unemployed, and understandably reviewing all of his options. He also owned a small marketing business, that due to the workload […]

What’s in a name

I love words. Truly I do. So when coming up with a name for what I offer I was torn between using something neat, cool and trendy that sounded interesting, but didn’t describe what I did and being practical. Practical won out. I could have gone with Gail’s virtual assistant service providing various services on […]